Social Media Integration

All the power of Twitter, Facebook and Google in your hands!

Social Media Integration

Understanding the behavior of social media is powerful

Social Media analysis is now available!

API data is becoming more and more important. APIs are a set of functions and procedures that allow to create applications and access to the data of social media sites. Companies are concerned about their presence in the social media and the study of their social marketing campaigns. Is it for me? If you would like to integrate reports, graphs, automatic emails, or analyze the behavior of your users over time, and above all, in a personalized style based on your company requirements, then it is for you.
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Collect Location Information

With this ANCYCH service you can track the location where your web visitors are based. Knowing their location as IP, city, and country, can help you to create different kind of customer analysis in order to have a good or specified result of your business strategy and to attract and welcome your web visitors soon among your customers.

You can use this tool if you are targeting users in different places, to measure your new campaign, to compare in which region you have more impact, or to conduct traffic analysis.

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ANCYCH provides you an interface that links to Twitter. You will be able to get reports about the behaviour of your clients through the observation of their social posts (Tweets) and their time of attendance on the online platform.

The more information you get hold of, the more you will get to know your customer's needs and interests. With this tool many new information is going to be available for you to build up a successful strategy to make a better advertisement for your business and earn more clients and business partners for your company.


This Social Media tool allows to use the social connections and profile information. Your business acquires a smart marketing activity by:

  • Adding automatic posts to your page
  • Uploading photos or event data
  • Tracking the impact of your current campaign
  • and more
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Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, it is possible to obtain, visualize, and also analyze information about your website traffic. You can analyze which content gets the most visits or which ads are driving the most visitors to your site.

If you are already using Google Analytics, you can process and view your information in a personalized way:

  • Reports in personalized format
  • Automatic emails to each member of your company
  • Analysis in the end of the year
  • User activity
  • and more
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