Code Refactoring

Is your source code readable, clean and maintainable?

Code Refactoring

ANCYCH deals with your programming issues and gives you a reliable and highly manageable system. We improve its readability and provide you a clean area with well-designed code.

Code refactoring?

Do you spend the majority of your time reading, trying to understand and modifying existing source code, rather than writing new code?

The code that you wrote in the last six months can be understood for anyone else in less than 5 minutes?

Professional developers write code that even beginners can understand. How is yours?

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The first step is to evaluate, instruct and outline the project's specifications. We will define the boundaries of the project before a requirements document is written and work together with you to define the scope of the project and to guarantee that all of your requirements are fulfilled.

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In process

Build tests and improve methods

Each function and procedure is tested individually to determine if they fit for use. We will correct and rewrite current code for better performance.

Elegant Code

Each function, method, class and interface is written in well-format structure with their respective comments. We use internal documentation and coding standards. The goal is to make it easy to maintain for you in the future.

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As time goes on and the software grows, application becomes hard to maintain.

Have you confronted the same code structure in different places providing similar functionality? Or when doing modifications to your system, looks like more bugs arise from that change?

These problems arise as a result of many developers working in the same code base over time or because of improvements, changes and updates are implemented in the system. From time to time, the code becomes so unclear that to make a little change is more time consuming than it should be.

The documentation includes system's statements of attributes, characteristics and qualities, explanation of code, algorithms interfaces and APIs. If required a training course is carried out to in-house developers.

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When is the right time to do refactoring?

When is the right time to do refactoring?

It is recommended to do it in the development stage when the software is still in small scale. Over time, the software complexity increases, and thus reliability decreases.

1-2 Year(s) Development stage

2-4 Year(s) Introductory stage

4-6 Year(s) Growth stage

6-8 Year(s) Maturity stage

8-9 Year(s) Infeasibility stage

In which stage is the refactoring process cheaper?

Refactoring must be done constantly, however, more companies decide usually to refactor when it is more expensive. Take a look:

Yellow: The time, when it is cheaper to refactor

Blue: Company's decision to refactor