Mobile App Development

Bring your business everywhere!

Mobile App Development

ANCYCH delivers secure mobile solutions to your users; quick and secure access to your information anywhere.

Bring your business everywhere!

The widespread use of mobile internet on smartphones and tablets boosts development of mobile applications. This innovation has big impact in the field of business and private life for what has become an essential tool at the disposal of your everyday activities.

Since everyone has access to the internet from nearly everywhere around the world, a mobile application can be a significant marketing and communication asset for you.

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Exploit its features!

ANCYCH develops applications for mobile devices using iOS (iPhone and/or iPad), Android and Windows Phone. Would you like to exploit the advantages and integrate the new features into your current application? ANCYCH also adds value to your development and maximizes revenues for your Apps for Business.

Take advantage of all that phone operating system offers, such as the touch screen for direct pen and finger input, digital camera or other low-level control. Most native applications run faster than web application as they have more direct interaction with the operating system.

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My App in stores?

Once your mobile application is developed, you can offer it to your customers or all of your interested parties through your website or in various application stores. It is an excellent strategy to promote your company's products and services. By developing your mobile application with ANCYCH, you will become more innovative and competitive in your business strategies, your App will be easily viewed and obtained by your clients, and you will make use of the most effective, secure and stable Apps for your success.

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Open your App and start to enjoy its benefits!

ANCYCH delivers secure mobile solutions to your users; quick and secure access to your information anywhere.

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2007 iOS

iPhone OS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. since 2007 and it is distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. The same system is operating on other Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. The system is using multi-touch technology based on direct manipulation. These features have different meanings by the interface control elements and by handling on the operational system. Special features can be also found in iOS to use special applications that require moving the device physically (shaking, rotating, etc.). The iPhone operational system is continuously developed and released annually. The default user interface of iOS is called Cocoa Touch. The home screen of iPhone OS is very user-friendly, it displays application icons that can be easily organised by the user. Many of the basic applications are designed to share data through the Internet. The iOS supports the Safari web browser that allows the use of web application. As a prosperous feature, the App Store can be found in all devices to reach, to download and to upload the newest and best desired apps. Regarding the latest version of iOS, those iCloud facilities must be mentioned such as AirDrop sharing documents with different devices, Open GL functionality what improves the rendering of graphics on the device.

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2004 Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a smartphone operating system developed by Microsoft since 2004 and first launched in 2010 - before it was known as Windows Mobile. The Windows Phone is created with a new user interface. In 2009 a partnership came into force between Microsoft and Nokia and so the services offered by both companies were integrated – for example: Bing search on Nokia devices, integration of Nokia maps with Bing maps and Nokia Ovi Store for Windows Phone. After carrying out some changes in the partnership, Nokia’s hardware division became to be a subsidiary of Microsoft operating under the name of Microsoft Mobile. Regarding the performance of user interfaces, they are based on Microsoft’s Modern design concept, codenamed Metro. The Windows Phone uses also multi-touch technology such as Android and an important feature to mention is the “hub” where local and online contents are combined through Windows Phone’s integration with social networks (Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter).

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2003 Android

Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel developed by Google. Android Inc. has been founded in California in 2003. This operating system is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets but it is also used in other electronics. A key advantage of Android is its open platform, meaning that the development of the OS will be continued at a quick pace. Direct manipulation is the basic of the Android's default user interface that uses touch inputs corresponding to real-world actions, for instance tapping to manipulate on-screen objects and keyboard. The internal hardware provided by Android offers other alternatives of features to users allowing a better interaction with the games by rotating the device that simulate real effects. Android home screens are very user-friendly and the interface is consistent across phones and tablets. Through the resizable widgets it is easy to control the appearance of the information seen on the screen.