Software Development

Full-cycle application development

Software Development

ANCYCH offers a full-cycle application development from the definition of the requirements to the deployment of the system.

Consulting and Analysis

The first step is to evaluate, instruct and outline the project's specifications. We will define the boundaries of the project before a requirements document is written and work together with you to define the scope of the project and to guarantee that all of your requirements are fulfilled.

After all project objectives have been laid out, we analyze if there are any requirements missing and if the requirements efforts has been expanded beyond the initial proposal. Finally, we will revisit, organize and prioritize the wish list and the requirement list to come up with a requirements specification that meets the needs of the major stakeholders.

ANCYCH- Consulting and Analysis

Design and Prototype

Skilled and experienced software engineers start the design of the system. At this point our team presents a live model of the system in order to reduce the risk of incorrect requirements.

This step provides a general view of the entire system, where besides the design, a prototype is presented to you. This stage focus on user interface requirements and system scope.


In this step, our team starts to develop the system following internal documentation standards, coding standards and coding guidelines that are implemented to facilitate future maintenance of the system.

At each implementation of a module in the system a testing phase will be performed to ensure the individual functionality.

ANCYCH Design and Prototype

System Integration and Testing

It is the integration of all modules in the system. Dynamic and static testing is conducted to ensure that the performance is accomplished and the quality of the product and its modules meet the requirements.


The end product is deployed in the production environment, in other words we install it, set it up, do testing in your company infrastructure.

This last test phase is conducted to correct any errors identified in the deployment stage. Also if it is required, an end-user training program is conducted to minimize any productivity losses associated with the software transition. In this section you will receive our technical system documentation, including all documents that are necessary for the maintenance, use, operation and development of the system we created for you. The technical documentation and the training is always at your service.

ANCYCH - System Integration and Testing

Our Process

A maintenance contract is prepared and it specifies how your company will submit modifications, report problems, the time of the maintenance and the planned costs.

A software engineer will be assigned to give information and being a representative for the maintenance of the system. The engineer will analyze and confirm each request, then he will turn the customer's requirements into a comprehensive solution. You have the opportunity to select the system's solution that fits most to your business or you are also able to set up your individual system solution with the help of our team. Once a solution proposal has been authorized, our engineer will take care of performing the corresponding modifications.

ANCYCH - Our Process