About Us

We develop individual solutions to meet your needs!

About Us

We work with the same care and diligence to make each of our engagement crowned with success.

ANCYCH- About Us

Software Development Company

ANCYCH was established in Zürich as a Technology Company with the objective to provide Software Development Services on high quality standards and mainly focus on building optimized systems.

ANCYCH works together with highly skilled software engineers, designers and developers whose only goal is to transform your ideas and needs into practical solutions exceeding anything you previously thought possible.

Our Mission

Online presence is becoming increasingly important: who appears online has the best cards for the professional life in the future. The saying "He who dares, wins!" can be replaced nowadays with "Who dares online, wins!". The development of innovative software solutions increases constantly the business success of daily work processes. The most important factor is to master the IT complexity and to find the best solution for it. ANCYCH keeps constantly abreast with the latest technologies to find tailored IT solutions to customer needs, and so to be a good partner to our clients. Thus ANCYCH systems are considered to be an excellent choice to the customer, as well as to their employees.

Our Vision

Millions of people are working every day with computers that has various business software products. ANCYCH is going continuously to develop solutions to help these people to facilitate their work through further developed and individualized software solutions, and to establish the operational frame of a successful, fulfilled and varied working time. Our customers can easily integrate the ANCYCH's systems and operate them using it long-term and carefree. The ANCYCH team guarantees our customers the security and confidentiality of all data processed.

Our focus

  • Develop more agile and customized business systems
  • Technological and managerial know-how
  • High quality and accurate programming to the latest standards
  • Support in the planning and development of various IT solutions
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation from the analysis to the provision of resources, product development and introduction in operation
  • Development of applications and solutions that are tailored to businesses of all the size (SMEs and large companies)
  • Orientation to the particular needs of society
  • Excellent quality of our entire product portfolio
  • Individual customer support and flexibility
  • Support and user training

Our Philosophy

  • Code once, check twice!
  • Care about providing quality results on time.
  • A client is someone who needs your totally guidance and patience to become the best individual in the market.

Our Values

ANCYCH. Our values are our strengths.
Four central core values apply for ANCYCH, to those we always orient ourselves. They serve us in our business as basic elements of our existence, the so-called guideposts:

Customer Orientation

We position the customer as our principal at the center of all our efforts. The ANCYCH products and services are based on expectations and needs of our customers, so we spend a lot of time in order to analyse and fully understand the individual requirements. Therefore, we operate as a service company from the development to the installation and delivery of products and services with the aim to find the right software solutions for the customer and to offer it in the right time and in the best quality. Only when the expectations of our customers has been satisfied, may we be satisfied.

ANCYCH- Customer Orientation

Solution oriented

The ANCYCH team works always together with our customers, so that we can develop customized solutions fulfilling individual requirements. At the beginning, we offer our clients consulting appointments, where we will analyze together each project details with intensive exchange of information. Having understood fully the needs, we offer our customers a variety of solution-oriented development opportunities. We are constantly looking for better solutions, so we focus on the constant communication with our customers. Good planning is very important for us, because it lays the basics for all subsequent steps to ensure that the development strategy actually leads to the desired goal.

ANCYCH- Solution oriented

Quality assurance

Our professionals are highly qualified specialists with technical, economical and scientific knowledge from renowned institutions as Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, at the University of Pannonia in Veszprem and from the Oxford University in Oxford. We have technological and managerial know-how in the area of software and application development, web design, refactoring, engineering, social media networks and search engine optimization.
Careful quality assurance accompanies the process of making our final product. The quality control of the individual development steps is performed by our software developers during the development until the final product is done. We build cooperative and trusting relationships with our employees, customers and business partners: close cooperation guarantees long-term success and high customer satisfaction.

ANCYCH- Quality assurance


Research, innovation and development compose the heart of our company. We encourage our customers to realize new ideas and to make steps on new fields; we also provide the frame to realize these ideas in a user-friendly form with the most modern technologies. During the development process, we constantly support our customers. Innovation and its professional implementation is the driving force of our company. So that we can keep up with the technological development flow, we invest on the training of our team members and encourage them to reach their full potential in their profession.

ANCYCH- Innovation

Our Approach